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Up-and-coming residential paradise in the heart of Cincinnati.

Welcome to Oakley

Well-known as the business district of Cincinnati, newly-built homes, beautifully-restored townhouses, and stunning scenery are helping Oakley quickly become one of the most popular residential areas in the whole city. This idyllic neighborhood offers residents the perfect mix of urban convenience and suburban serenity. 

Originally known as “Four Mile,” the area was a popular stop for wagon riders in the mid 19th century. Still, it wasn’t formally registered as a town until 1869 and wasn’t incorporated until 1898. However, through the years, the area continued to grow in popularity, officially becoming a part of the city of Cincinnati in 1913. 

The town was initially named after the tremendous oak trees growing around the area. Still today, the neighborhood makes every effort to preserve the natural beauty throughout, keeping the landscape as well cared for as possible year after year. 

What to Love

  • Small-town charm in the heart of Cincinnati 
  • Numerous dining and entertainment options 
  • Beautiful landscape 
  • Easily navigable for residents who prefer to walk

People & Lifestyle

The idyllic combination of small-town charm and big-city convenience has made this lively location especially popular with young professionals. Homes here are surprisingly affordable and well within range for young career-oriented individuals looking for a place to put down roots. The community is also full of exciting recreational activities and numerous restaurants to spend an evening out on the town. 

There is a special dedication to living a healthy outdoor lifestyle throughout the community. There are numerous parks and green areas in the neighborhood, and residents can be seen walking almost everywhere rather than using other forms of transportation. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

The dining scene in this one-of-a-kind community is perfect for the young families who live here. Sleepy Bee Cafe is one of the most popular breakfast spots in the area, offering guests an array of egg dishes, delectable specialty pancakes, and some of the best sandwiches in Cincinnati. 

Another favorite local stop with families is
Aglamesis Brothers'. This wonderful establishment opened in 1908 and has been serving world-class ice cream and confections to this day. With excellent flavor staples and exceptional seasonal additions, residents know they’re always in for a treat whenever they walk through their doors.  

For residents looking to live a healthier lifestyle,
Rooted Juicery and Kitchen is a must. This unique restaurant offers guests a taste of how wonderful healthy living can be with menu items such as a Mexican grain bowl, pesto and ricotta sandwich, and a lemon cheesecake that will blow you away. 

Of course, on those evenings when residents just need some time to relax,
Madtree Brewing is the perfect place. This nationally recognized brewery offers guests an abundant selection of seasonal beers, and their state-of-the-art taproom is one of the finest venues in the area. 

Things to Do

In addition to an amazing dining scene, Oakley has many activities and recreational opportunities for residents to take advantage of. Each year, the neighborhood holds a charity event called the Beer, Wine, and Food Festival. This annual event helps raise money for cancer charities in the Cincinnati area. Residents can able to enjoy a great time, taste some delicious food, and raise money for a great cause all in one afternoon.

The Oakley Community Council also puts on an annual
Summer Concert Series every final Friday for June, July, and August. Not only will residents be able to hear fantastic local music, but they’ll also be able to enjoy great brews from Madtree and other local treats.  

A Taste of Cincinnati all winter long is another project set up by the community in order to help maintain the restaurant scene in the city throughout the slower winter months. Participating restaurants receive grants from the city and are then able to put on special offers on a variety of weekends to encourage residents to order. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 


Oakley is made up primarily of young families who have made sure that the education of their children is always a priority. This is particularly evident in the numerous highly rated schools in the area, including:


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