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Hyde Park

Idyllic and luxurious community on the eastern edge of Cincinnati.

Welcome to Hyde Park

On the eastern edge of Cincinnati, right in front of the beautiful Ohio River, lies one of the city’s most affluent and luxurious communities. Hyde Park is known throughout the area as elegant and charming, with some of the most picturesque scenery in town. 


Initially a much more rural area, the community had very few homes up until the late 1880s. In 1892, efforts were started by some of the city’s real estate tycoons to turn the area into an exclusive community for Cincinnati’s rich and powerful. In 1896, the community was officially incorporated. 


Since then, the community has seen dramatic population growth, quickly becoming one of the city’s more densely populated areas. However, it has simultaneously maintained its luxurious atmosphere, and homes in the area are still considered elite real estate.  

What to Love

  • Beautiful gardens and pristine scenery 
  • Luxurious amenities mixed with urban conveniences 
  • Classic architecture 
  • Exceptionally rated public and private schools 

People & Lifestyle

The opulent lifestyle and proximity to the city’s most prominent businesses have made Hyde Park ideal for young and old professionals. More than half the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, and many work in white-collar positions—often at the executive level. As a result, the median annual household income is well over the national average. Homes in the area are also some of the most expensive, with many valuing well over half a million dollars.


Hyde Park residents prefer to live healthy and active lifestyles, and there are many parks and walking paths in the area. You can also find exclusive shopping districts throughout the community filled with high-end boutiques and world-class restaurants.  

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

The dining scene in Hyde Park is as hip and luxurious as the rest of the community, with outstanding eateries appearing in every corner. Coffee Emporium is one of the neighborhood staples, with most residents stopping by frequently to taste their artisanal beans and loose-leaf teas. Dear Restaurant & Butchery is another favorite among Hyde Park residents. Their fine-dining menu includes delightful dishes such as lamb sugo, wagyu beef tartare, and duck cassoulet. 


Of course, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping and dining experience, you should head over to Hyde Park Square. This unique district is the perfect combination of historical and urban chic, with over 175  one-of-a-kind shops, art galleries, and restaurants for visitors to wander through and explore.   

Things to Do

Hyde Park is full of various entertainment opportunities and recreational activities for residents to take part in. The world-renowned Mushroom House created by respected architect Terry Brown leaves visitors feeling like they’ve walked right into a fairytale. When residents want to get a closer look at something really out of this world, they head over to the Cincinnati Observatory. Built in the 1840s, this observatory is home to the oldest telescope in America and is regarded as the “Lighthouse of the Sky.”


The Hyde Park Art Show is an annual event that residents look forward to. Featuring over 200 professionals from across the country, this event brings together exceptional artists and dedicated aficionados alike. Another yearly event where residents count the days is the Hyde Park Blast. This unique event is the perfect opportunity for the community to come together, enjoy great company, amazing food, and raise money for a good cause. This event is a fundraiser for the fight against cancer, with all proceeds donated to Cincinnati cancer charities. 


The numerous families who live in Hyde Park have made every effort to ensure that their children receive the best possible education. This has resulted in countless top-rated schools, including: 


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